In April this year, I developed shingles.  After a week of medication from my doctor, the rash healed. However, post herpetic neuralgia (PHN), a post shingles pain that could last months or years, remained. I took the prescription drugs and tried different kinds of cream, the pain didn't ease a month later, topping that was an insane itchiness that was spreading around the affected area; I couldn't sleep well for the whole time even with painkillers. Then a friend recommended Dr. Lin to me. What a difference it made; only after two weeks of visits to her office, my symptoms related to PHN came much manageable stage, two more weeks after, most of the discomfort was gone, I was able to sleep better, concentrate at work and enjoy time with kids again. Dr. Lin is very professional and extremely patient; it is delightful talking to her. I truly wish that I had met her and tried acupuncture earlier.

F. Deng

I would like to acknowledge the excellent care I received this year from Karen Lin at Harmony Acupuncture and Wellness, LLC.  It was earlier this year I was diagnosed with a cervical spine problem which resulted in bouts of vertigo and nausea.  My medical care professionals suggested acupuncture as possible relief from my severe neck pain, headaches and equilibrium complaints.  I was introduced to Karen Lin through a close friend who works in the health care field.  I was immediately impressed how thorough Karen was during the initial consultation.  Karen took extra time learning my medical history and explained the suggested treatment for my neck and head pain.  Karen suggested that for the first month my acupuncture treatments should be weekly in order to maximize the pain relief, gradually reducing treatments to two week intervals.  I have continued this treatment regimen for the last six months and thankfully progressed to the point of some minimal or periodic neck discomfort, with no headaches and improved balance.  During this time, Karen also introduced "cupping" during the latter stages of my treatment, targeting the discomfort in my upper back and shoulders.  I would recommend Karen to those seeking acupuncture as a possible remedy to pain and discomfort.  I have found Karen to be a highly qualified specialist in the field of acupuncture as well as being a very caring and pleasant person. 

F. Attianesi

I was treated by Karen over the course of 4 months for my sciatica related pain and she was able to fully treat a chronic pain that I have lived with for years. She is an accomplished practitioner of acupuncture and a true healer. She always has pleasant bedside manners and is very gracious and personable. In time, I have referred other friends with various ailments to her, who to have credited her with healing that was not possible with years of conventional medicine and treatments.

A. Vishal

Before meeting Karen I was extremely underweight and unable to tolerate food due to a disease called gastroparesis. I have [been] receiving treatment from Karen for about 5 months and I can honestly say that I feel great. With her help, I was able to regain an appetite and bring my weight back to a healthy range. Karen cares deeply for each and every one of her patients and will do anything in her power to find them relief. This is why I would have no problem recommending her to anyone experiencing health issues. 

Emilio E.

We met Dr. Lin first to have our daughter treated - she was suffering from an (undiagnosed) eye disorder. While she was put through a battery of test at the opthalmologistDr Lin’s treatment provided immediate relief after the first sitting itself. We continued to see her weekly and the acupuncture treatment provided a great deal of pain relief, allowing our daughter to attend school. I have been seeing Dr Lin for my own skin condition (psoriasis and eczema) and I see a marked improvement – I have been seeing her once a week for over 2 months. 

M. Manchanda

Dr. Lin is a great acupuncturist.  I visit her to help manage sciatic nerve pain and pain in my neck and shoulders.  As the only person running the Harmony Acupuncture and Wellness center, she maintains a comfortable and welcoming space.  She always puts effort into being flexible with my schedule and is professional about keeping her appointment times so I don't have to wait long to see her.  The acupuncture treatment she provides is always of top quality.  After each session, my pain is noticeably decreased.  I would definitely recommend her service to anyone who is experiencing discomfort or pain or other ailments that could potentially be alleviated by acupuncture.

X. He


Karen has been treating me for almost two years now.  She is very considerate, concerned and accommodating. My situation is a very difficult one and she has been able to help me on an ongoing basis which has reduced my doctor visits considerably. Karen goes beyond "average" and really tries hard to help you. 

C. Mracek